Farzaneh Nozari’s practice contextualizes the primitive energy that is submerged beneath the layers of the cultural desire to decorate the body. Metal, fine materials, and a dedication to skilled craftsmanship has always been her primary focus. Through these techniques Nozari exposes the beauty of traditional jewelry forms that serve to identify personality and status. Her process of transforming metal is expressed explicitly rather impulsively through ancient casting processes that create uncontrolled, natural forms. Nozari’s inspiration comes from personal experiences and everyday observations of life. Her aesthetic structure is derived from architecture, landscape, and nature. The fusion of cityscape with found objects captures the world around her.

Through colorful examinations of human nature expressed in abstracted geometry, Nozari strives to link the beauty of her observations and personal interpretations with the multitude of cultures that she has come into contact with. Nozari understands jewelry as a medium that allows her to explore her infinite curiosity, nurturing her innate fascinations and driving her to seek creative solutions and innovative new personal expressions